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Set of 6 White Ghost Noisemaker

These classic Halloween novelties are functioning noisemakers.


Sold-Black Cat Party Hat

A classic scary yowling cat!


Frightened Ghost Hat

A frightened little ghost screams as a black bat flies by.


SOLD-Owl Trick or Treat Bucket

Trick or Treat! A wise old owl!


SOLD-Creepy Owl Trick or Treat Bucket

Trick or Treat! A Creepy Owl!


Halloween Cat Band

Meow! A yowling cat band!


Set of 6 Spider Web Noisemaker Horns

Trick or Treat! These classic Halloween noisemakers are functioning horns.


Sold-Ghost Box offering

The question is evoked what is hidden inside?


Star Tambourine

Trick or Treat! This classic Halloween novelty is a functioning noisemaker.


Macabre Celebration Hats

These party hats are ideal as a set about decoration or gently used for wearing for celebrations or vintage Halloween costume.